Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Initiates Graduation : Summer Session

Krista, our Campus First Girl hosted this evening,  the summer class graduation of the Initiate course led by Blessed Rafayil.

Please watch the calendar as the Tahari course will be beginning soon and is always a Campus favorite!


Please join me in a loud applause as we congratulate the graduates!


 Blessed Brian ( Constablezombie Resident)
Sekhmet (aarontemplin)
Nevaeh ( deliberatekhaos )

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Foundations of Dance Exhibition : Congratuations Graduates!!

Today our Campus Administrator, Lady Janette, hosted the Foundations of Dance Exhibition and Graduation for the summer session of an incredible course led by Gorean Dancer, Juls.  This extensive eight week course is designed to get kajiri in the sands and moving.  A very popular course that keeps you on your feet and provides you valuable skills to show your best.  We are always excited to see this course return, please watch the calendar for its next offering.

A BIG thank you to Mistress Dehka of GPR (Goreans Portal Radio) for attending and broadcasting this well attended event!


Mint Knipper
Praeses (Daysheild)
Ritzy Starfall
Tacey Colter
Raven (Klonky)



Saturday, 16 September 2017

Congratulations Si'ara : Newest KF Didicit Kajira

Kajiri Foundations is proud to present our newest "Didicit Kajira" SI'ARA.  Si'ara , property to Campus Administrator, Lady Janette, graduated September 15, 2017.  Si'ara's picture now is displayed with the others before her in the KF Hall. 

Please join me in congratulating her for all of her hard work, incredible attitude and determination!

photos courtesy of Dani and Kiyah

Sunday, 10 September 2017


The incredible DJ Huntress Ame, as always, played incredible music as the pirates and wenches were all hands on deck this afternoon.  Dani once again amazed us in decorating the arena and the costumes were outstanding.  

Congratulations to our 1st place winner Master Praeses and 2nd place winner Krista!!

Next month will be a SCREAM as the ghosts, goblins and witches trick and treat their way into our HALLOWEEN THEMED OOC DANCE! Check the calendar for more information, events and classes here at Gorean Campus.